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HandheldDIY is a brand dedicated to the research and development of accessories for handheld game consoles. Our mission is to deliver the best gaming experience to every player with our dedication. We understand that handheld game consoles are not just entertainment tools for players, but also a way of life and an emotional haven. Therefore, we are committed to developing a variety of high-quality accessories to meet players' pursuit of a better gaming experience.

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Hall Joystick for ROG Ally/ GPD Win 4

HandheldDIY hall joystick is exclusively available on our official website.The included electromagnetic shielding paper can isolate the electromagnetic interference between the left trigger and left joystick.

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New product launch

The World's First 900D Grade Nylon Case for ROG Ally, with Back Mesh Pocket

  • World's first ROG Ally protective case crafted from 900D-grade nylon material, featuring a higher and glossier density for a sleek appearance.
  • Crystal ultra-soft velvet provides superior protection for the handheld.
  • The unique back mesh pocket design ensures slimness while offering convenient storage for small accessories.
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🔥Best-Selling Products

Custom ROG Ally Back Modcase with Heat Management

Introducing this Modcase, a revolutionary translucent back cover designed exclusively for the ROG Ally – the first of its kind globally. Immerse yourself in a world of personalized aesthetics with vibrant color options that unveil the intricate internal architecture of your ROG Ally. Imagine this: amidst a gathering of gamers, each flaunting the standard ROG Ally with its ordinary back cover, your ROG Ally steals the spotlight with the Modcase – a dazzling that not only turns heads but also elevates your gaming experience.

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    Our Modcase is highly recommended by ETA PRIME.

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  • YusepBCN

    ROG ALLY - REDUCE la temperatura - HandheldDIY Modcase

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  • Nerbeats Gaming

    ROG ALLY MOD CASE | Handheld DIY

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    The ULTIMATE ROG ALLY BACKPLATE! HandheldDIY Modcase Unboxing & Install Guide + 2280 NVME *FITMENT?

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    Cheap mod case promises significantly better cooling, makes the gaming handheld much faster and supports additional battery

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  • Tabkul

    ROG Allyに自立スタンドや放熱・追加電池を、モッドケース『ROG Ally Back Modcase』導入レビュー・実装手順

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  • Okestgamer

    Provide a detailed installation guide for our Hall-effect joystick and instructions of parameters.

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  • Pete Talks Tech

    He is enamored with our neon lights and believes that it is the best gift for ROG Ally gamers!

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    He is really fond of the samples of Hall joystick and orginal case we sent, and he has provided a detailed description of the installation.

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    The Ultimate ROG Ally Backplate Showdown! - Temps, Fitment, Quality - HandheldDIY Wins 1st Place!

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    The New Heatsink Backplate From JSAUX Was NOT What I Expected...The Best/Worst ROG ALLY Backplate?

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  • Cloud Gaming France

    Transformer sa Rog Ally 👀 Test d'une Backplate transparente de chez.

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  • Misaac

    I Modded My ASUS ROG ALLY! (HandheldDIY Modcase/Backplate & Carrying Case)

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  • Kaliretro Gamer

    Tienes que modificar tu Asus Rog Ally con esto!!! ROG Ally Modcase 😎

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  • Gaming_for_insight

    Use Turbo Mode w/ a New DIY Backplate for Your ROG Ally (2023) - Get 10% Off w/ Discount Code

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What Our Customers Say


Muy contento con esta funda modificada

La realidad demuestra que elegir el color morado fue lo correcto. Me encanta este color. Una vez que est instalado, compartir en la comunidad para que todos lo vean.


Enhanced Cooling

I love this Modcase so much. It's pretty much as described. The silicone pad and heat sink really enhance the handheld's cooling, and to my surprise, they even included a silicone strap as a bonus.


Awesome modification

The quality is even better than the original.



I received it within a week, and the quality is excellent. Once I get tired of it, I'll give the purple one a try.


Affordable bundles

I came across this bag while browsing Hall Joystick, and it happened to be just what I needed. After receiving it, I discovered that the material and texture of this bag is truly different from all the handheld console bags I've owned before.


Great sticks upgrade

I purchased the 2 pack sticks one tight and one regular. I tried both and I like the tight sticks better specially for FPS games. You have to play around with the calibration (not that big of a deal). The one star reviews on here do not know what they are missing and have probably do not have a clue on how these things work. The handhelddiy sticks work just fine. The Ally was not DESIGNED to have hall effect sticks that’s why it’s more of a mod than an upgrade. Don’t leave a one star because you don’t have the patience to calibrate it (it’s not straight up plug and play). Anyway, I made the purchase for the sticks along with a front shell casing and it is OEM grade (the casing that is). If you want hall effect and precise controls grab these bad boys and make sure to CALIBRATE. Cheers!


Switching from Okestgamer

Coming from Okestgamer's hall joystick installation, I was a bit skeptical at first. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of setting up this joystick for my ROG Ally. The instructions were clear, and I was up and running in no time. It's a great alternative, and I'm loving the gaming experience!


Impressive Post-Sales Support

The joystick cap and stick fit perfectly, and the after-sales service is commendable C they promptly addressed my installation queries


This Mesh Bag is Really Practical

My order has arrived! This mesh bag is really useful. It's perfect for organizing cables or other small items. It seems to be well-made and durable.


Made for the ROG Ally.

These should be factory standard if only the triggers in the ROG Ally were not hall effect too. Installation was a doddle, took only a matter of minutes. The tweezers are flimsy, used my finger tips instead. Just take your time tweaking your settings in armoury crate, and test your setup on the gamepad tester website. Got my pair working flawlessly.


Precision Perfected

I'm grateful for this outstanding product! I have more control over my character, and it has significantly improved my gameplay. The free tool kit was a thoughtful addition. As they said it endures up to 5 million rotations, let's see.


New hall joystick and cap

The Hall Effect Joystick has completely transformed the way I play games on my ROG Ally. The free tool kit provided all the necessary tools for installation, and it was a cinch to set up. I also replaced the joystick cap with a blue one. How about that? My new joystick cap looks awesome, right?