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[New Year Limited] 1 Pair of Flat Back Buttons for ROG Ally, with Better Gaming Experience

[New Year Limited] 1 Pair of Flat Back Buttons for ROG Ally, with Better Gaming Experience

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Original Design: Innovative design reduces back button height, enhancing the comfort of pressing and providing a better gaming experience.

Precise Fit: Expertly crafted to perfectly match the ROG Ally's dimensions, ensuring a seamless integration.

Durable ABS Material: Constructed from high-quality ABS engineering material, ensuring long-term use without deformation.

Easy Installation: Convenient and hassle-free installation process for quick setup and customization.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Robert Seymore

[New Year Limited] 1 Pair of Flat Back Buttons for ROG Ally, with Better Gaming Experience

These Work Great!

I had issues with constantly pressing the back buttons pn accident and activating shortcuts like the onscreen keyboard and going to desktop in the middle of games because they're right where my fingers rest and the default buttons stand out a good distance. These resolved those issues right away and I don't see myself swapping them out even if I get a thick protective skin on the Ally.

This is how they should've come to begin with.


These don’t really fit or work with my device

Saeed Almuhairi
So cool

Good quality

The installation process was also very simple.

The transparent design is very unique and stylish, adding a touch of technological flair to the console. Moreover, the quality of these transparent back buttons is excellent, with high transparency and no flaws.The installation process was also very simple and only took a few minutes. Furthermore, the quality of these back buttons is very good, and after using them for a while, I haven't encountered any issues. This gives me confidence in their durability.

Great black replacement back buttons!

I chose the black version, which fits perfectly with the overall design of the ROG Ally, looking really cool.More importantly, these replacement back buttons have greatly improved my gaming experience. By lowering the height of the original back buttons, my grip has become more comfortable, and I no longer feel the discomfort of the protruding buttons. This makes the console feel more integrated and allows for smoother gameplay.

Ryan Reynolds
A must-have accessory for the ROG

The 1 Pair of Flat Back Buttons is a must-have accessory for ROG Ally owners. It solves the problem of the raised back buttons that can be uncomfortable during long gaming sessions. The installation is easy and the buttons feel great. They provide a more seamless gaming experience and make the console more ergonomic. Highly recommended!

They greatly enhance the comfort of the device.

I'm loving the 1 Pair of Flat Back Buttons for ROG Ally! They've made a huge difference in the comfort of the device. The lower profile of the buttons means I can hold the console for longer without my hands getting tired. And the best part is that they don't affect the functionality of the buttons at all. They still click just as firmly as the originals. Great product!

David Warner
I love the flat back buttons of the ROG Ally!

I recently purchased the 1 Pair of Flat Back Buttons for my ROG Ally, and I couldn't be happier with the result. Not only did they reduce the height of the original back buttons, but they also improved the overall comfort of the device. The buttons are now more flush with the back of the console, making it easier to hold for extended periods of time. I also appreciate the improved grip that these buttons provide. Overall, a great purchase that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to enhance their ROG Ally experience.

Emma Watson
The perfect choice for a comfortable grip.

These flat back buttons are a great addition to the ROG Ally. They are very comfortable to hold and make the device feel more like a traditional handheld console. The height of the original back buttons was a bit too high for my liking, but these replacements solve that problem. Highly recommended!