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1 Pair Hall Joystick for ROG Ally/ Legion Go/ GPD Win 4, with Free Tools Kit! [Does Not Compromise the Eligibility for ROG ALLY's 1-year Warranty Service]

1 Pair Hall Joystick for ROG Ally/ Legion Go/ GPD Win 4, with Free Tools Kit! [Does Not Compromise the Eligibility for ROG ALLY's 1-year Warranty Service]

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The included electromagnetic shielding paper can isolate the electromagnetic interference between the left trigger and left joystick. 

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Best Kit for FPS Games

Introducing the tighter version hall joystick with 100% increased rotation resistance versus the original joystick and standard version, making it the ideal choice for FPS gamers looking to enhance their aiming and shooting accuracy.

Installation Tutorial

We provide the most advanced and comprehensive installation videos across the internet!

Learn Tutorial

In Just Simple Steps

Step 1: Place the pre-cut shielding paper on the circuit board.

Step 2: Put the joystick on top of the shielding paper.

Step 3: Follow OKestGamer's tutorial to finish installation.

Optimal Configuration

To maintain an average error of circularity test under 5.5%, we propose the following joystick settings:

  • Left Joystick: Apply a 20% dead zone and a 100% outer threshold.
  • Right Joystick: Apply a 0% dead zone and a 90% outer threshold.

These adjustments will enhance accuracy and responsiveness, ensuring precise control and minimizing unintended movements.

Not Absolute Circularity

Understanding the Purpose of the "Circularity Test" in Gamepad-Tester

The "Circularity test" in Gamepad-tester is not a quest for the joystick's absolute circularity, but rather an evaluation of its ability to seamlessly traverse a circular path within its designated range. Its aim is to ensure that the joystick translates user inputs into smooth, consistent motion without dead zones or erratic behavior.

Hall Sensor Technology

Our joystick features advanced Hall sensor technology, providing an instantaneous response to your every move. Say goodbye to input lag and experience gaming like never before!
Get ready to unlock the true essence of gaming pleasure and outperform even your wildest expectations. Embrace the power of advanced Hall sensor technology, and let your gaming prowess ascend to uncharted heights!

Enhanced Precision

Achieve pinpoint accuracy in every game with the Hall Joystick's exceptional precision. Execute zero-drift and zero-dead zone maneuvers, make quick adjustments, and dominate the battlefield with ease!
Step into a realm where precision reigns supreme, and the thrill of victory is yours for the taking. The Hall joystick is not just a ROG Ally's enhancement; it's your ticket to gaming glory.

Durability & Reliability

Built to withstand the most intense gaming sessions, this joystick is crafted from high-quality materials, enduring up to 5 million rotations and up to 1 million presses, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability!
Your search for the perfect gaming companion ends here, and a new era of triumphant gaming begins. Step into the realm of legends with the Hall joystick by your side. Are you ready to seize the gaming throne?

Seamless Compatibility

The Hall Joystick is specifically designed for ROG Ally, making it incredibly easy to set up and use. It seamlessly integrates with your controller, enhancing its capabilities and giving you a competitive edge!
With the Hall joystick's flawless compatibility, you'll experience unparalleled synergy between your controller and the joystick, allowing you to conquer challenges like never before.

Easy Installation

With our free tools kit, installing the Hall Joystick onto your ROG Ally is a breeze. No more complicated setups or frustrating hours spent on installation. With our simple step-by-step guide, you'll be ready to immerse yourself in intense gaming action in no time!

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Hall effect

Nice sticks


Didn’t come with the tool kit like advertised. Took it to a professional to have it installed and one of the joystick “sticks”, the cursor always travels left. Installed the original back on which fixed the travelling. Disappointed that I couldn’t replace both joysticks.

Giving My ally A New Home

Not only did I change the Hall Joystick for my ally, but I also changed him a new home at the same time😋The material inside feels really comfortable, so soft, and it fits my ally perfectly.

Affordable bundles

I came across this bag while browsing Hall Joystick, and it happened to be just what I needed. After receiving it, I discovered that the material and texture of this bag is truly different from all the handheld console bags I've owned before.


Sticks don’t even register properly like the OEM ones.

Great to use

The joysticks came with the necessary tools needed to install. Installation was a breeze with the installation video. Now I’m enjoying my new joysticks with greater control over the ASUS ones. Thanks again!

Wayne Garcia

[🎄🎅Christmas Extravaganza🎉🔥] 1 Pair Hall Joystick for ROG Ally/ GPD Win 4, with Free Tools Kit! [Does Not Compromise the Eligibility for ROG ALLY's 1-year Warranty Service]

jeff pyszora
Hall effect joysticks

I got the firmer Hall effect sticks for my rog ally and they feel so much better than the stock ones I would highly recommend if you like firmer sticks.


I was able to calibrate within 3% error on both sticks. Worth the investment, IMO

Louis Bent
Optimizing FPS Gameplay

The tighter resistance in this tighter version is indeed more suitable for FPS games. Additionally, I found that both the left and right joysticks can draw perfect circles in Amoury. It's a perfect fit, highly recommended.