• Multi-device compatible

    Supports iPad,iPhone, Smart TV, Raspberry Pi, etc.

  • Support for Android Touch Screen Mapping Technology(Virtual Touch)

    Active Touch Screen Mapping technology does not require app support to operate, even if the app tool is uninstalled, the touch controls are still available.This feature prevents the app from being terminated by the background power saving rules, resulting in a control failure.

1800mAh Ultra High Capacity Rechargeable Battery

Guarantees a fully charged Pro Controller at least 1 time and maintains its own lifetime; Fast charging External + internal batteries, doubling total battery life

Easy Storage Solution

When not in use, the extender serves as a convenient stand for effortless Switch Pro storage.

RGB GamingAmbient Light

Two RGB light strips to enhance the gaming ambiance while using the controller.

Dedicated Keylinker Software

  • Real-time Adjustment: Fine-tune controls via the mobile app while gaming
  • OTA Firmware Updates: Stay up-to-date with the latest features and enhanced hardware performance
  • Joystick Drift Solution: Revive Pro controllers affected by joystick drift with dead zone adjustments.
  • 1. No Modifications Needed

    The only wireless solution on the market for advanced controller functionality without any modifications needed.

  • 2. Innovative Trigger Design

    The first optical linear triggers designed for better racing games experience

  • 3. Authentic Pro Experience

    Retain the original HD haptic
    feedback and motion controls
    ,unmatched by any third-party alternatives.

  • 4. Extra Stable Connectivity

    Play and adjust settings without interruption.