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1 Pair Hall Joystick for Switch / Switch OLED / Switch Lite [🔥Limited time free shipping]

1 Pair Hall Joystick for Switch / Switch OLED / Switch Lite [🔥Limited time free shipping]

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Best thumbsticks for the Switch!

Joy cons developed drift and since I had to replace them, I upgraded to these, while also replacing the shells. I have had them in since they were first released and have had no drift issues since. They are well worth the upgrade, especially if you already have drift in the joy cons.

Easy to install

Pretty quick and simple to install, had a bit of trouble with the ribbon cable but that's on my fingers not the product. No issues so far on the joystick so I'm satisfied.

Nigel Byler
Super sensitive warning

These are huge upgrade from the normal joycon stick. Make sure after install to calibrate your new sticks, also they are very sensitive to input so be ready to adjust your play style. almost too sensitive for tight platform games but that will change with muscle memory. Highly recommend.

waldo waldini
Perfect replacement!

Quality pieces, stiff enough and relatively easy to install! You just need to calibrate the sticks when the installation is done!

Fixed all joycon drift!

I've seen these highly recommended from multiple sources now and I see why. They are great!

No more joy con drift! They aren't too hard to install and come with the tools you need. They do feel a little stiffer than the stock Switch joy cons, but you quickly get used to that, and they seem to be breaking in while still retaining accuracy.

They are HAL sensors, so they should last a long time and not wear out from use nearly as fast as stock joy cons do. If you're on the fence, go for it. They're well worth it!

Two months later, still no drift!

The sticks themselves are really well made and easy to install. I've heard people say that they feel very 'tight,' like you need to apply a lot of pressure to move them, but I didn't experience that. They felt more or less like the stock Switch Lite sticks in terms of activation force.

I recommend this to anybody who has drift issues.

My switch Joycon was having very bad drift, but I put up with it for a while because I didn't want to replace my Pikachu Eevee version Joycon with other color. That's when I found out about HandheldDIY and I saw a great review about it, so I gave it a try.It worked out great, no more drift, sticks move very smooth.